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Work with a civil litigation attorney in Oakland, NJ

When you hire Joseph V. MacMahon, Attorney at Law, you won't work with a paralegal. You'll work with civil litigation attorney MacMahon directly. You can also expect personal representation during your case and behind the scenes.

Speak with a civil litigation attorney serving clients in Oakland, and all of Northern New Jersey today.

DUI attorney in Oakland, NJ

Fight reckless, distracted or drunk driving charges in the municipal courts.

Personal Injury & Civil litigation attorney in Oakland, NJ

Work for financial compensation with a personal injury attorney.

Estate Planning & Litigation attorney in Oakland, NJ

Prepare for tomorrow by starting the estate planning process today.

Employment litigation attorney in Oakland, NJ

Work with an attorney who understands the ins and outs of employment law.

Traffic court is no joke

Ignoring something as simple as a speeding ticket could land you in jail. A traffic court attorney in Oakland, NJ can help you with:

  • DUI charges
  • Traffic violations
  • Speeding tickets

Don’t dismiss that ticket. Protect yourself by consulting a traffic court attorney.

Is something wrong with your loved one's will?

If you have questions about your loved one's will, we can help. You may want to contest a will if it was:

A duplicate

When more than one will exists, figuring out which one is valid can be complicated.


If the will isn't signed or witnessed properly, family members can contest it.

Written during incapacitation

Was your loved one mentally incapacitated when they wrote their will?

If you suspect that your loved one's will is invalid or fraudulent, contact Joseph V. MacMahon, Attorney at Law of Oakland, New Jersey by calling 201-337-4500 right away.