Dealing With Employment Issues?

Consult with an employment law firm in Oakland, NJ

Every successful business faces a few problems with employee law. An employee may feel discriminated against, or they may violate the terms of their contract, forcing you to take legal action. Joseph V. MacMahon, Attorney at Law has been helping our corporate clients for over 25 years.

Count on us for a range of employment law services in Oakland, NJ and the Northern New Jersey area, including:

  • Setting up a separation agreement to protect your company’s interests
  • Reviewing employee contracts for potential legal issues
  • Explaining employment law and anti-discrimination regulations
  • Is an employee filing a wrongful termination case against you? Dial 201-337-4500 today to schedule a consultation.

    employment litigation attorney, Oakland NJ

    Stand up against wrongful termination

    Have you been fired illegally? Joseph V. MacMahon, Attorney at Law represents victims of wrongful termination in the Oakland, New Jersey area. Your employer cannot fire you for your:

    • Age
    • Disability
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Sex
    • National origin

    If you believe that your employer has terminated you for any of these reasons, or has discriminated against you in some other way, don’t wait. Contact us today to discuss your wrongful termination case with an experienced attorney.